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  • Do you offer a brushed metal?
    Not at this time.
  • Are the numbers paintable?
    Technically yes, but adhesion is poor and it's difficult to get good coverage. Polyolefins like HDPE are inherently difficult to paint and glue because they are oily. They can be painted for appearance, but it's not recommended that they be glued after painting.
  • How do I order full words or special characters?
    In the text box under "Letter / Special Character", write exactly how you want the letters to appear. Then in the quantity box, you must indicate how many letters you typed.
  • I ordered twice within a short time, will you combine shipping?"
    Yes if we catch it in time. Any extra shipping paid will be refunded.
  • Do magnets stick to aluminum or brick?
    Yes this is a frequent question, no the magnets won't stick to anything other than steel. Test the door with a magnet before ordering.
  • What do the numbers come with?
    If you need screws, they come with 1/4" spacers to give the numbers a floating effect plus matching screws 1.25" long. If you order magnetic numbers, the numbers will have magnets pressed in the backside. If you wish to glue or tape them, I will ship just plain numbers.
  • What colors do you offer?
    Black, White, Dophin Gray, Charcoal, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Brown, Sandshade, and indigo are our standard colors.
  • Can I see an example of what the words I want will look like?
    Yes, if you message us exactly what you want to see.
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