3 inch numbers are good for small signs, mailboxes, or apartment doors They are CNC machined from marine-grade plastic sheet. 1/4 inch thick (6 mm), weather-resistant and durable. 


For a Letter or Special Character, add the quantity of letters to your cart and  "add a note" in the message box in the bottom left corner exactly how you want them to appear. If you want dashes, periods, and other small punctuation, note them there, but don't include them in the quantity - those will be included with orders. 


Some requests may not be available in this size.


Mounting Options:


Holes and Screws: two matching zinc coated screws and two 1/4 inch thick spacers, cut from the same plastic, that allow the words to float off the surface, if you wish.


No Holes: no screws, spacers or holes for a flush mount using an outdoor silicone glue or permanent double sided tape. I will flame treat them automatically for glue to stick. These methods may require reapplication over time. 


Magnetic: offered in Art deco, Traditional, and Bold only in this size. Choose NO Holes and Leave a note int he cart if you want magnetic and have shosen one of these styles.


Warning: IF you get magnetic option. they contain super strong magets that are very dangerous if swallowed and can require medical attention. Keep away form small children.

3 Inch (7.6 cm)

Mounting Method
  • We accept refunds or exchanges on all standard items such as numbers and letters. Buyer is responsible for return shipping and any amount due.  No refunds or exchanges for custom logos or icons, or custom connected script words. E-mail us if there is a problem with your order or return to 3121 Skyway CIR, STE F, Melbourne, FL 32934

  • Shipping a typical order in the US is under $4 if it weighs under 1 lb. If it is over 1 lb, you will have to pay the priority rate. Paying for priority will not necessarily expedite the manufacturing lead-time unless it is priority express. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about shipping or something doesn't look right at checkout. 


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