7 inch numbers are a good choice for better visibility on a larger home or building. They are CNC machined from marine-grade HDPE plastic sheet, 1/4 inch thick (6 mm), weather-resistant and durable. 


If you want lettering please choose the 6 or 8 inch size for letters.


Styles in the menu are the only 4 we offer at 7 inch. If you need a differnt font we offer 6 inch and 8 inch in the other fonts.


Some custom requests may not be available in this size.


Mounting Options:


Holes and Screws: Two matching zinc coated screws and two 1/4 inch thick spacers, cut from the same plastic, that allow the words to float off the surface if you wish.


No Holes: no screws, spacers or holes for a flush mount using an outdoor silicone glue or permanent double-sided tape. I will flame treat them automatically for glue to stick. These methods may require reapplication over time. 


7 Inch (17.7 cm)