These cursive written house numbers are perfect for any style home to give it a modern or mid century look.  This listing is for custom words like street names, family names, etc. OR single letters and digits. For written address numbers like "One", my other listing for Mid Cenury Cursive  has better rates.


The Cap height is 5 inches. [If there is a descender (G,Y,J,j,p,q,y,f,z, etc.) the height of the word is 7.2 inches.]


TO ORDER: First, select a color. Next, write the words as you want them to appear with the correct cases, and spacing in the Custom Words box. Add the total quantity of letters that the word contains to your cart. They are priced per character/ letter. For example: written in the Custom Words box: [ Jones welcome  ] and add a quantity of 12 to the cart.

 If you want to clarify the order you can leave a message in the Special Instructions box. 

*If you need periods or dashes, write them in the custom words box, but do not include them in your count if you are ordering other words. These will be included free.


They are CNC machined from 1/4 inch thick sheet HDPE plastic with UV stabilizers to preven